“Would You Like The Proven Over The Shoulder, Step-by-Step MENTORSHIP PROGRAM For Generating Quick Cash In Real Estate Even If You’re Brand New And Have Little To No Cash or Credit…”

TAW (Take Action Wholesalers) Club was created to give members instant access to a step-by-step training on how to become a successful wholesale real estate investor. It also includes exclusive coaching calls, contracts and systems we use to grow our business…….

What Other TAW Members are Saying…


Are you ready to CHANGE your LIFE?

Are you eager to stop struggling with your real estate investing business?

And… Are you ready to  TAKE ACTION to get closer to your goals and dreams?

If so, then we should talk.

LolitaS2 Hey, its Lolita Sheriow “aka” Lo. I wanted to take a quick minute and introduce myself and answer your question “Who is Lolita Sheriow and what is TAW Club”. I have been an active Wholesale Real Estate Investor since 2007 and I’m also the author of the best selling book “21 Steps on How To Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate” an entrepreneur and speaker. Once I laid off from my corporate job I decided that I wanted to become a real estate investor did whatever I needed to do to learn and become successful at it! I was fortunate enough to land on REAL ESTATE wholesaling as the perfect solution to my needs and wants. I could work from home, ditch the 9 to 5 drag (and commute), and really focus on MAKING MONEY just by putting together real estate deals. These are far different from regular “residential resale” that typical “real estate agents” focus on. With this system, you don’t need to be a licensed real estate agent. You work with the seller to find wholesale deals on the kinds of properties the average agent doesn’t want to be bothered with. And yet, these wholesale deals are worth a small fortune! They’re not the “glamorous” part of real estate. But they do PAY! I know one of our TAW members, Johnny Moore  who closed over 20 deals since attending our TAW LIVE event!

You can hear his entire true story – with all the inspiring details – on my website, which I’m inviting you to join at this time. The website is the “center” of my online club – the TAW Club – where the “TA” stands for TAKE ACTION!!! And that’s what we do. We teach you the ESSENCE of Real Estate Wholesaling, and then we teach you how to TAKE ACTION with the dynamic money-making knowledge you’ll gain from us. Everyone in the TAW Club is interested in SUCCESS. Not just their own success, but YOUR success, too! Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn when you join the TAW Club and get started on your real estate money-making career…

  • What Type of Properties to Target – and What Areas
  • What a Motivated Seller is…
  • Using our custom “TAW Signs” to get motivated seller leads
  • Using Zillow and Craigslist to find Motivated Sellers Leads for FREE
  • How to Know When you are over Paying for a House
  • Marketing for Motivated Seller Leads – direct mail and vacant properties galore!
  • How to get Public Information Records on a property in ANY county
  • Our System to Getting Vacant Property Leads
  • How to talk to Motivated Sellers
  • My Secret Resources I use to get Absentee Owner and Free and Clear leads
  • How to Set up and Prepare your Mail-outs
  • What is Probate? What are Probate Leads?
  • How to find Free Probate Leads online
  • The magic FORMULA to determine the Offer Price
  • What Tools you’ll need as a Wholesaler
  • How to fill out a “Texas TREC” Contract
  • How to fill out the Simple 1 Page Sales and Purchase Contract
  • How to find an Investor-Friendly Title Company
  • Selling Houses and Finding Buyers using Bandit Signs
  • How to get your Deals SOLD super fast!
  • How to use Craigslist to find Cash Buyers for your Deals
  • Monthly Calls with Lo and other TAW Club Members
  • Deal Review and Support
  • Learn how to Outsource your Wholesale Business
  • The Best Apps to use in your Wholesale Business
  • How to use Video Marketing to get more Leads
  • Discount on upcoming TAW LIVE Events
  • And so much more!

Listen how the TAW Mastermind Club has impacted member Drew Kennedy…

Monthly Features

    • Monthly Q/A

      Our team will answer your most pertinent questions on how to grow your business.

    • Implementer of the Month

      This is where we showcase TAW Club’s most valuable asset our members. The featured member will receive a 5 min segment on TA with Lo’s Radio Show featured on the podcast on itunes

    • Expert Guidance

      Our team is ready and waiting to help You get past your roadblocks. This is probably The most valuable part of TAW Club – you’ll Never again get stuck or left on your own.

    • Access To All Future TAW Top Level Exclusive Trainings that are released via video.

    With all this great information available to you, 24/7 online…

    What Other TAW Members are Saying….

    You’ll never feel “stumped”
    or at a loss for knowing what to do!

    You get all this – and MORE – when you join the TAW Club. And your subscription is so affordable, you’ll hardly believe it! And it just keeps on coming! We give you monthly Q & A / COACHING CALLS! We highlight and showcase a different Implementer each month – someone who is TAKING ACTION and getting the RESULTS that follow! The TAW Club Membership site is packed with all the training you need and easy to use system to help you be successful! The only thing that will stop you is YOU! If you don’t Take Action, you’ll never accomplish the goals you have set! But if you Take Action with our help… getting our advice each step of the way… you’ll find that YOU TOO can make close deals and make thousands of dollars! You can make a really good part-time income. Or you can work this full time and make more than most well-educated professionals do! Plus, this doesn’t require any schooling, classes, licensing, tests, etc. You just simply find the deals and find the buyers for them and GET PAID! – which there are PLENTY of deals out there! You’ll be amazed at how SIMPLE this is. And the benefits of having a business of your own – and being able to BUILD it SUCCESSFULLY thanks to the mentoring and coaching you’ll get from the TAW Club… it’s simply PRICELESS. You get HELP every time you need it. We even have a special “Help Tab” on our website that lets you e-mail your questions or concerns to us, and we respond within 24 to 48 hours. Either I will personally get back to you, or one of my team members. As you may know, the people with the most blessings are the ones who’ve been broken at some time in their lives. Even if you’re feeling “broken” now – or wondering how you’re going to find SUCCESS in the future – I would encourage you to join the TAW Club online, right now. I’m convinced you’ll love what we do. Please take the time now to review this opportunity. You’ll be glad you did!

    TAW Club is NOT For Everyone

    • If you’re looking for a get rich quick solution to make money in real estate, then the TAW Club is not for you.
    • If you’re a real estate investor who doesn’t like to take action on proven marketing strategies that could increase your lead flow to help you get more deals for your business, the TAW Club is not for you.
    • If you’re looking to get more leads and deals but don’t believe you should have a marketing budget to accomplish this, then the TAW Club is not for you.
    • If your looking to make fast money in real estate without having the knowledge, tools and a team to help you, then you are in the wrong place.

    Exactly Who is the TAW Club For?

    So If You Want To…..

    • Get More Motivated Seller and Buyer Leads
    • Learn How To Negotiate With Sellers and Buyers
    • How To Analyze Deals Quickly
    • How Fill Out A Sales Contract And Assignment Agreement
    • How to Set Up An Easy System For Your Business
    • Less Costly Yet More Effective Marketing
    • Make More Money
    • Have More Fun
    • Spend More Time With Family

    Are You Ready To Join The TAW Club?

    • TAW 30 Day Action Plan ($297.00)
    • Monthly Question and Answer ($797.00)
    • Access to TAW Mastermind Private Facebook Group ($297.00)
    • Access To All Future TAW Club Trainings (Priceless)
    • Review and Deal Evaluations (Priceless)

    Monthly Value $1391.00

    You get everything on this page for just $77.00


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you’re not certain beyond a doubt that the information, trainings and strategies you’ll learn as a member of the TAW Club is head and shoulders above anything you’ve ever gotten anywhere else…

    If you’re not 100% confident that your membership will catapult you into becoming a successful and profitable real estate investor that most people can only dream about…

    If you aren’t blown away (and if you don’t get results) just email us within 30 days for a complete refund. Simply contact support to cancel your membership.

    No fine print. No BS.

    And you can keep access to your bonuses as my gift to you.

    Stay with us, and you’ll pay just $77 per month. Literally a fraction of what this information is worth.


    You’ve Read This Far For A Reason

    You’ve got a really SIMPLE choice to make…..

    Option 1: Do nothing. Keep being frustrated and risk things getting worse because you don’t take action.

    Option 2: Risk NOTHING At All Today…become a member of the “TAW Club” for just $197 $77 today, get in line to be yet another of our growing success stories.


    Yes Lolita! I Want to Become a successful and profitable wholesale real estate investor and dominate my market(s)!

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